• E-Loyalty and E-Warranty

    Leopard Incentive Platform System

    Provides a platform to support Loyalty Incentives, Rewards, Promotions, Gifts and Bundles using technology to introduce speed and accuracy of data compared to traditional smartcard based systems.

  • Mobile and Field Force Tools

    Mobile Data Collection Apps

    Our mobile and field force tools enable sales and marketing staff to collect and input data while in the field for reporting purposes using a mobile phone or tablet.

  • BI Reporting Dashboards

    Leopard SMART Live Reporting Platforms

    Enable business and organizations to have on-line, real-time, mobile data entry, reporting and analysis tools.

Business is Mobile and Real Time

Our Value:

Leopard Communications provides business solutions and services through software development, consulting and mobile messaging. We have proven expertise in providing high quality delivery and reliability at an affordable cost.

Our platforms enable business organizations to have online, real-time, mobile data entry, reporting and analysis tools. Our unique service applications and architecture facilitate the creation of unique wireless applications suitable for institutions, businesses and individuals while at the same time delivering them wherever you are.

  • Leopard Communications is an Application Development and System Integration company specializing in Mobile and Web Technologies.

    • Electronic Product Registration.
    • Retail Incentive Systems.
    • Field Force Management Systems.
    • E-Commerce.
    • E-Learning.
    • Track Sales.
    • Trend Analysis.
    • Dynamic Marketing.